Who we are?


Howaboutsales is a cloud solution for indirect sales channel management. We automate sales and marketing processes through the entire partner and customer journey. Howaboutsales is the missing link. It provides you insight to provide the right support, campaigns and leads to your indirect sales partners. It becomes easy for you and your partners to generate more sales and create better customer experiences. Our open API leads to seamless CRM, and third party integration. In Everything we do we think less software, more sales. We believe this is the only way to obtain a unique user experience for as well our clients who implement, our users and the end customers.

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¿COMON! vibes

As a team we work according our own ¿COMON! values:
¿ = Thirst for learning
C = Customer Centric
O = Open
M = Mindful
O = Opportunity Savvy
N = No juding
! = Be bold

Use the tag #comonvibes on social media If you agree with our values !

Wouter D’Huys
Account Executive


Clément Dalais
Account Executive


David Limme


Mélanie Brossard
Product Owner


Christina Vlassova
Intern Product Support


Arend-Jan Tetteroo
Lead Developer


Charles Fournet


Simon Barbier


Jordi Freixa Serrabassa





Anila Macula
Marketing Executive


Lukas Lanbacher
Intern Marketing


Diana Dzjamaldaeva
Management Assistant


Robbert Jan Deusing
CTO & Co-founder


Friedrich Pétré
CEO & Co-founder



Stephan Stergiou

  • Address: Werkhuizenkaai 163,bus70, 1000 Brussels
  • Phone: +32 (0)2 734 38 87
  • Email: info@howaboutsales.com