Less software, more sales

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Potential analysis and insight

  • Hierarchy of your business partners.
  • Rapid access to major indicators and contact details.
  • Simple ranking and selection.
  • Create, store and extract lists.

Sales & marketing planning and automation

  • Determine your strategy per account or per segment.
  • Plan sales and marketing activities per account or per segment.
  • Easily link to existing sales and marketing automation tools.

Record day-to-day activities

  • Store and review all your activities and carry out new ones.
  • Receive life-relevant sales and marketing notifications from your accounts and contacts.
  • Calendar synchronisation.
  • Sales and marketing automation. (e.g. link to Mailchimp, LinkedIn etc.)

Insight into the impact of sales and marketing activities

  • Help your business partners to generate further sales based on figures and benchmarking insights.
  • See which sales and marketing activities are having the greatest impact.
  • Maintain an overview of performance across your entire network.
  • Analyse the results from various sources and learn more.
  • Easily link to external data sources and visualisation tools.

Access your data from any location

  • Record activities wherever you are
  • Display local insights
  • Access your statistics and performance information from anywhere

Your data is safe and in good hands

  • We use the SSL and TLS protocols to ensure a secure connection to the Howaboutsales servers.
  • Your account is protected by symmetrical and asymmetrical cryptographic authentication. You can rest assured that no one else can take advantage of your leads and all confidential information is held under lock and key.
  • You can e-mail us at info@howaboutsales.com for full details of our security measures.