Put your business plan in action

  • Set up clear objectives and key results (OKR).
  • Use the planning module to create a general plan, campaigns and an individual planning.

Make a segmentation

  • Use the segmenter to make a segmentation for your accounts or intermediaries.

Follow-up on  the results of your sales team and accounts or intermediaries.

  • With the individual traffic lights: see if you and your accounts or intermediaries are on track or behind on their objectives.
  • With activity counting: synchronize your results and activities with other tools (eg. CRM to have a complete overview).

Coming Soon


Collaborate and get commitment from your strategic accounts

  • By integrating strategic accounts in the business plan.
  • By adding specific access and roles and assigning responsibilities.
  • With automatic updates of the individual traffic lights.

Why would you choose us?

10% increase in efficiency

Howaboutsales focuses on user friendliness. The CRM bot technology (Howaboutsales +) saves time by more than 10% among our customers.


Niche expertise in indirect B2B sales

In a large and busy CRM market, Howaboutsales is the only software that focuses on BRM (Business Relationship Management). Besides the technological expertise, we also have sector expertise and know the specific dynamics of indirect sales.


10% more production

Thanks to segmentation, Howaboutsales customers confirm that their sales teams manage their time more rationally thanks to a better understanding of potential and a clear plan of action with strategic guidelines.


Onboarding: low-threshold and agile

We think that the time of large, complex and expensive IT projects is over. We always start with a small pilot group without large budget commitments. We believe that software can only be successful when we can show real added value. There is a roll-out on the basis of a positive business case.


User friendliness

We believe in Less Software and More Sales. The entire Howaboutsales team works on one common vision: to become the users’ most loved sales software company.


International sector expertise

Howaboutsales is a fast-growing company. Thanks to success cases in sectors in which we have expertise, similar companies from abroad automatically come to Howaboutsales. In addition to our BRM focus, this gives us a considerable competitive edge.


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