¿COMON! Werten

Als Team arbeiten anhand von ¿COMON! Werten.

„Umringt von dynamischen und ehrgeizigen Menschen mit einem Startup mitwachsen, das sich in voller Entwicklung befindet, macht Howaboutsales für mich zum idealen Ort, um jeden Tag mit Freude aufzustehen!“


HaStar Wouter
Account Executive
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¿Thirst for learning?

Learning means growing, every day of the week question what you have learned.

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Opportunity savvy

Think positive, make it work, not possible is not an option.

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Customer Centric

Keep your eyes on the ball, everything you do should contribute to customer & user delight.


No judging

Let positive thoughts drive your work, don’t judge colleagues, clients, partners or others.

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Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

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¡Be bold!

Dare to take risks and always ask how you can do things differently.



Be aware of the impact (positive/negative) you might have on yourself and others, be self critical.